Success Story 3

16th Jan, 2019

Refurb Success Story 3 - Floor Restoration, 14 May 2018

When we bought our house, the existing pine floors throughout had been covered. In the living room, this had been done with laminate wood flooring (inexpertly laid and evidently cheap quality). Despite the laminate being removed within a few months of moving in, it was another year before we tackled the floor finish - the living room proved a useful ‘workshop’ during furniture building and general painting. But when significant other works were complete we decided that rather than recover the now somewhat battered original pine, we might instead rejuvenate the boards.

Having been copiously sanded and lacquered, having had boards swapped around and replaced, the finish is rough around the edges but warm and characterful.

1_before floor.jpg

2_floor done.jpg

3_finished floor.jpg