Recall Day 1

17th Nov, 2015

recall day 1.jpg

Recall to Cambridge University, 10th November

The first return to Cambridge, after 6 months of fieldwork experience, focused on the next Realisation essay. We also discussed each others projects, based on the 'What am I doing?' hand-in of the previous week. Mostly, it was just really nice to catch up and find out what everyone has been up to, and hear about the amazing experiences we've all been having!

After the recall was a public lecture by Richard Sennett, 'A New Charter for Athens'. Sennett described some of the ideas which are going in to his New Charter, developed from the previous Charter for Athens by Le Corbusier and co. However, I found some of the design proposals interesting yet disconcerting leaps from the ideas Sennett expressed in his book The Craftsman. For example, the driverless cars appeared to give a worrying priority to vehicles over pedestrians, and are a far cry from craft principles.

I found one precedent cited by Sennet particularly interesting: the Quinta Monroy Housing in Iquique, Chile, by Elemental.