Part 3 Graduation

16th Jan, 2019

Part 3 Graduation - 9 December 2017

It almost felt like this day might never come - during the all-nighters in studio, the interminable theses, the harsh tutorials, the endless crits and countless tears, FINALLY graduating as an Architect felt quite unachievable. So it was particularly special to shake hands with RIBA president Ben Derbyshire at 66 Portland Place and be conferred my RIBA Part 3. At last!

I had been somewhat rushed into Part 3 only months after finishing Part 2. I opted for the RIBA’s own course, and therefore received the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture (ADPPA). Starting in January 2017, our interviews were on 6 October 2017 - so a short and sweet course.

The 9 months were punctuated by two wonderful ‘residential’ intensive courses in Chester (7-11 April and 8-11 July). The sociable course with fascinating lectures was a highlight, cementing my Group L study group as lifelong friends. This aspect of the course came in sharp contrast to the 3-day in-office exam. The 6-8 September 2017 were for me a challenging, somewhat masochistic endurance test - thankfully never to be repeated!

1_part 3 grad.jpg

2_part 3 grad.jpg

3_part 3 award.jpg I was delighted to discover - from a fleeting powerpoint slide - that I had been nominated for the Haydn Smith Award for an exceptional case study submission.

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