Il Restauro della Città

25th Nov, 2015

italia nostra restauro chat.jpg

Conference of Italia Nostra, 25th November

The head of Italia Nostra L'Aquila - Paolo Muzi - organised a panel discussion following the publication of their new dossier on the reconstruction happening in L'Aquila. The dossier details and analyses the work of the last 6 years post-earthquake, and each of the panel members discussed some or all of the issues it raises. The name of the conference Il Restauro della Città - L'Aquila più bella o occasions mancata? means 'The restoration of the city - A more beautiful L'Aquila, or a missed opportunity?' Indeed, some of the panel members did comment that the reconstruction to date has missed many opportunities, for example Tomaso Montanari (a famous Italian art historian) felt that the insistence upon dov'era, com'era reconstruction was a shame where there are so many potential ways of rebuilding here.

The other speakers were moderator Giandomenico Cifani, Mario Centofanti of the University of L'Aquila and writer of several books on the history of the city's built fabric, and Raffaele Colapietra, a somewhat infamous Aquilani figure who is not only a famous historian but also the first person to return to the city post-quake.