Finishing the Fieldwork

13th Feb, 2016

beautiful street with sunset and mountains.jpg

Last few weeks in L'Aquila, 12th January - 14th February

In this last month in L'Aquila post-Christmas, I have been wrapping up my time living and researching in this strange city. The last photos were taken, the last site analysis and interviews were conducted, the final research was made. Other than the people, it's hard to say I'll miss being here; L'Aquila's current condition means living on the fringe of the city centre can be pretty quiet, and it will be nice to move back to what I now consider to be a 'normal' city environment.

Having said that, L'Aquila is really beautiful, and this unusually sunny and warm winter gave me plenty of opportunity for last minute discoveries of exciting and diverse places in the city centre and beyond; a sample of these are shown in the photos.

narrow streets looking up crossroads.jpg

tiered seating outdoor auditorium graffiti.jpg

landscape mountains mist botanical garden.jpg

skyline from sanitarium hill.jpg

sunset under bridge flyover.jpg

night time lauditorium del parco.jpg

light installation shit happens.jpg