Site Exploration from Above

11th Dec, 2015

0 header skyline pano 1.jpg

Visit to Chiesa di Santa Margherita, 3rd December

This church, in Piazza Margherita, backs on to the main square of my site and is adjacent to the University of L'Aquila buildings Palazzi Camponeschi and Carli - the main sites for my project. I revisited the church in order to take pictures of these surrounding buildings and also the small private courtyard which connects the church to Camponeschi. The site foreman Duccio also let me access all the scaffolding surrounding the church both inside and out, so I was able to get panoramic roof top views of L'Aquila - a totally different perspective of the reconstruction.

1 site photos laid out jpeg.jpg Views of the central interior doors and rear elevation of Palazzo Spaventa.

2 auditorium under arches edited.jpg Small auditorium underneath the courtyard between the church and Spaventa.

3 site photos laid out 2.jpg Palazzo Carli main elevation, and the courtyard between this and Spaventa.

4 Camponeschi and carli edited.jpg Left foreground is Palazzo Camponeschi, with Carli behind to the right.

5 wide pano mountains edited 2.jpg View of heavily damaged Chiesa di Paganica, opposite direction to the site.

6 camponeschi roof high edited 2.jpg The roof of L-shaped Palazzo Camponeschi, with courtyard and protected trees.